The Kids Zone Pledge

At AYSO, we want all players, coaches, families and volunteers to have fun! That’s where AYSO Kids Zone comes in.

Kids Zone is a special program that encourages all in attendance, from the sidelines to the field, to use positive language, demonstrate good sportsmanship, and create a great experience and positive environment for every player. Kids Zone is a reminder that the AYSO soccer fields are a safe, friendly, happy, place for children to play and experience the joy of soccer without fear of judgement.

For more information about the Kids Zone program in your Region, ask your coach or Regional Commissioner.

The Kids Zone Pledge

The Kids Zone Pledge

When Regions participate in The Kids Zone program, we ask that they have helpful reminders, including buttons, signage, and t-shirts on the field, to reinforce that no matter how intense the game can be, kids need encouraging support from the sidelines. Parents and spectators are asked to sign the pledge below and agree to the following guidelines:

  1. Kids are #1!
  2. Fun – not winning – is everything
  3. Practice proper physical distancing
  4. Set a proper example of sportsmanship
  5. Players Play, Fans cheer and Coaches coach
  6. Respect the volunteer referees…we couldn’t do it without them!
  7. No yelling, swearing or abusive behavior
  8. No weapons, alcohol, tobacco or drugs
  9. Leave no trash behind
  10. Celebrate the player – win or lose

Everyone Plays®

AYSO practices good sportsmanship. We believe fun should be had by every child on the field – even those on the opposing team. Everyone Plays® means supporting everyone, whether they win or lose. It means honoring the game – not the outcome of the game.

“Before kids can play like a pro, they must enjoy playing the game like a kid.”

– Steve Locker

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