In Memoriam

AYSO celebrates the life and honors the memory of its community members who are no longer with us.

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In Memoriam

Sandie Oerly


Section 1 / Area G / Region 65

“In loving memory of Sandie Oerly. Will be missed by so many. She would have had 50 years with AYSO next year. She was the area director for area G, a referee, referee camp organizer, management instructor and member of the Management Commission, on and on. But most of all she cared so much for the youth in the AYSO soccer program. She was a true volunteer!! I along with so many will miss her so much and will celebrate her life at the dedication of the Sandie Oerly Field at Alta Loma Junior High School.”

Joe Bonchonsky Sr


Torrance, California

“In loving memory of Joseph P Bonchonsky Sr., AYSO Pioneer, Coach, Referee, Announcer, Sports Writer, Organizer and 2011 AYSO Hall of Fame inductee. Built the 1st set of goal post for AYSO at Jefferson Elementary School – 1964. His 2 sons Mike and Joe played in the 1st game played 64/65. Wife Inge coached the 1st girls team and son Andy and daughters Michelle and Tania played as well. Built over 300 sets of goal post for So Cal, and was President of both High School and College Referee’s Assoc. His contribution of organizing most of the volunteers for key positions in the early 1960s in Torrance, CA helped the growth of AYSO to become the success that it was then and is today. His influence on Soccer and its growth will always be remembered and acknowledge by the success it has become in the USA.”

Brian Davies


Region 22, La Mirada, California

“In loving memory of Brian Davies of La Mirada, California, originally from Wales. Brian established AYSO Region 22 in La Mirada in the 1970’s. He was involved in many volunteer positions locally and nationally, including coach, referee, regional commissioner, regional chief referee, area director, eight years as National Director of Officiating, and later served as Chairman of the Rules and Regulations Committee. He was given the Community Spotlight Award from the city of La Mirada in recognition of his dedicated service to the youth of the community. He was inducted into the AYSO Hall of Fame in 1996 for his many contributions to AYSO.”

Henry James Manwell

Section 3 / Area A / Region 473

“Jim was an amazing friend and mentor. Former RC in our Region, he was also a very experienced referee and instructor. I will miss him and our rides to and from the Expos. RIP.”

Paul S. Castellani


Section 1 / Area S / Region 1258

“In Loving Memory of our long time friend, mentor, and AYSO volunteer, who lived the AYSO way. He was a loving husband, father, and friend to many. He was a National Board member from 1986 to 1989. He started refereeing in 1978 and went through the ranks and continued refereeing, mentoring and training as many referees as possible. May he rest in peace.”

Jim Gregory


Region 102 / Area / Section 9

“Jim volunteered for the American Youth Soccer Organization for 48 years. While serving there he was elected to the National Board of Directors. He became a national certified referee, he also trained and became a national certified coach. Jim served at the local level in Idaho Falls for Region 102 for over 20+ years. He served in all capacities in management, referee and coaching. At the time of his death he was the region’s treasurer and registrar. Jim had a love of the game. He also coached girls high school soccer at Hillcrest, Rigby, Idaho Falls, and Shelley High Schools. He often traveled to other states instructing referees for AYSO.”

Jim Rosenberg

May 5, 1943 – May 4, 2021

Region 84 / Area L / Section 11

“Beloved husband, guiding father of one son and two daughters, nurturing grandfather of four and a lifelong volunteer, Jim Rosenberg will be sorely missed. An AYSO Area Director for many, many years; a co-founder of Pacific Soccer Club, the predecessor of AYSO United; and, the heart behind South Orange County California’s VIP program, Jim didn’t know the word “No”. An active volunteer in his community of Lake Forest, Jim was the Chairman of the Lake Forest Chamber of Commerce and a Lake Forest Community Services Administrator. A Captain in the United States Army who served in Vietnam, Jim donated countless hours to the men and women of the United States Marine Corps, as the liaison to his home community. A giant of a man, Jim always looked for ways to enrich the lives of all who he came to meet. May he rest in peace.”

Brendan Cravalho

Jan 28, 1951 – Oct 21, 2019

Region 119 / Area E / Section 7

“Beloved husband, brother, Uncle, AYSO Volunteer but especially as Volunteer DAD to the “KIDS of AYSO”.”

Dirk Keck

Dec 8, 1967 – Oct 5, 2019

Region 31 / Area B / Section 1

“Beloved husband, father, friend and devoted AYSO Volunteer for over 20 years. Soccer was his passion-first on the field and last to leave. His giving spirit and endless enthusiasm for AYSO knew no limits. He did it all for the kids. He will forever be in our hearts.”

Joseph Sanfelippo

Aug 3, 1961 – Jul 27, 2018

Region 106 / Area 11-z / Section

“Beloved husband, father, friend and AYSO Volunteer. He loved soccer and volunteered in Regions 106, 24 and 603 plus Area 11-Z. He arrived on the fields first and always left last. His volunteering knew no limits. He did it for the kids and the game.”

Judy Engel

Feb 3, 1954 – May 20, 2019

Region 1 / Area H / Section 1200

“Beloved sister, wife, mother, friend and AYSO Volunteer. Her life was dedicated to her family and AYSO. Her laugh was infectious and her enthusiasm for AYSO was amazing. The players were her priority and she will be forever in our hearts.”

Gary D. Beardsley

Jan 19, 1936 – March. 13, 2018

Region 148 / Area / Section

“AYSO Coach, Referee, Commissioner”

Richard Pernick

Apr 21, 1958 – Feb 3, 2018

Region 11 / Area Z / Section 106

“Beloved husband, father, friend, US Air Force Veteran and AYSO volunteer as a Regional Commissioner, Regional Coach Administrator, coach, referee and Area Staff. His volunteering included managing the Feed A Vet program for the Region’s Veteran’s Day celebration.”

Glenn E. Stronks

July 1, 1940 – Dec 26, 2017

Region 1 / Area D / Section 7

“Beloved husband, father, friend and AYSO Volunteer as Region 7 Regional Commissioner, Area 1-D Director and Section 1 Staff.”

John D. Wiechental

Nov 15, 1978 – Dec 21, 2017

Region 8 / Area J / Section 767

“Beloved husband, father and AYSO volunteer.”

Marcos Aspeitia

July 25, 1693 – Sep 23, 2017

Region 11 / Area Z / Section 1065

“Below husband, father and AYSO Friend. He served joyfully as a coach, past Regional Commissioner and referree.”

Byron F. Campbell

Feb 18, 1969 – Aug 1, 2017

Region 3 / Area B / Section 186

“Loving father to Jonathan, Ryan, Monet and Faith Campbell. Dedicated Regional Commissioner and volunteer.”

Michael Coil

Nov. 12, 1958 – April 8, 2017

Region 1 / Area C / Section 2

“Advanced Coach; Referee/Coach/Board Member since 2005 Coach Mike coached MY2016 GU14 Fall Team (Area 1C Play-Through Champions), Tournament Team (3rd Place), All-Star Team (Area 1C Champions), and Spring Team (program in session) without a child in the program. His memorial service will be held on 5/20/2017.”

Alfredo Rodriguez

Oct. 18, 1972 – Feb 18, 2017

Region 2 / Area D / Section 436

“Tireless volunteer, always going the extra mile, he will be missed by many!”

Robert Roland Mendonca (“Bob”)

March 21, 1931 – Jan 23, 2017

Region / Area / Section

“Beloved husband, father and grandfather Retired USAF Colonel and AYSO National Board Member Founder of AYSO Regions on Hickam AFB, Honolulu and Maxwell AFB, Montgomery Alabama and many others”

David N. Brown

Jan 28, 1942 – Nov 6, 2016

Region 7 / Area A / Section 274

“Beloved husband, father, grandfather and AYSO volunteer Regional Commissioner for 32 years Retired US Air Force Captain “

William Zhang

June 5, 1961 – August 23, 2016

Region 10 / Area F / Section 1

“AYSO Region 10 Board member, Division Coordinator, Advanced Coach and Intermediate Referee.”

Bryan Westfall

Aug 23, 1977 – Aug 18, 20

Region 13 / Area L / Section 1389

“Beloved husband, father and volunteer Regional Commissioner”

Robert Aaron Jones

April. 25, 1955 – May 12, 2016Region 418 / Area / Section

“a passionate coach, teacher and fan of the game”

Henry Epstein

Nov. 3, 1940 – July 19, 2016

Region / Area / Section 10 / 9

“First Section 10 Director & Regional Commissioner”

Linda Marie Gregory

Aug. 2, 1947 – May 11, 2016

Region 102 / Area L / Section 9

“Linda Marie Gregory Beloved wife, mother, grandmother. AYSO volunteer for 18 years at the Region, Area & Section levels.”

John Domingo Chiappe

Oct. 24, 1963 – Feb. 28, 2016

Region 1 / Area D / Section 17

“Beloved father & AYSO volunteer Asst. RC, builder of EXTRA, so much more “

Henry “Hank” Nunez

Mar. 31, 1938 – Dec. 25, 2015

Region 11 / Area Q / Section 96

“Beloved volunteer for 25 years, Regional Commissioner “

Mike Wetzel

April 29, 1978 – Dec. 2, 2015

Region 165 / Area / Section

“AYSO Coach, Father of six”