AYSO United Los Angeles Girls Becomes Champions

PLAYSOCCER Spring 2018

On Feb. 18, 2018, the AYSO United Los Angeles 11U Girls were announced as champions in the California State Soccer Association – South’s (Cal South) State Cup tournament, Mayors Division. The Mayors Division was open to all teams 9U through 11U playing in a Cal South sanctioned league per the posted Cal South Play Level Guide.

“They never gave up, and I think the final game proved that,” said AYSO United Los Angeles head coach Artur Jozkowicz in a video interview with Cal South. “We were down 1-0 then 2-0 with 29 minutes to go, and they pulled it off 3-2.”

Since this is the first AYSO United team to become champions in this league, we reached out to the team parents for their perspective on how AYSO United helped the girls become the players that they are today, and we talked with the girls about who influenced them to reach this historic victory.

A word from the AYSO United Los Angeles 11U Girls parents:

Thanks to word of mouth from families and friends, our girls started off in various AYSO programs, like CORE and Extra.

Now they’re all playing in AYSO United, and we’ve seen our girls develop healthy mindsets, foster responsibility and courage, and continuously express a drive to excel in soccer. All this is a result of what this program offers: All players in this club program are guaranteed at least 50 percent playing time; there’s an emphasis on skill and personal development over winning at all costs; quality coaches are training our daughters; and, most importantly, the program is following AYSO’s values and philosophies.

The parents on this team are the best. Our 12 families couldn’t imagine soccer life without any one of us. We all love the girls as if they were our own, and we encourage all AYSO Regions to adopt AYSO United because it offers that next level of soccer that kids want and can grow in.

“Coach Artur has kept me going; his positive words have helped me feel courageous on the field. And my teammates are awesome – even when I feel like I make a mistake on the field, they always make me feel better with their support.” 

“I want to thank my parents, all the parents, and the team manager, not just because they drive us everywhere but because they are constantly encouraging us and cheering us on. And my teammates are the best, even if I make a mistake, they don’t get mad, they just encourage you to keep going and remind you that you’ll do better next time.”

“I want to thank my parents, my mom is the team manager and is always with me; my teammates because they’re always by my side; and I am thankful for coach Artur because he has taught us really well and is always encouraging us to do our best. “

“I’m grateful for so many things: my parents, my grandparents, my sister (who plays with me), my teammates and my coach. Coach Artur has taught me so much and helped me become a better player.”

“I’m thankful for my family, my teammates and, of course, coach Artur. They’ve helped me to do my best, and my teammates are always there for me. We have a way of lifting our spirits by being around each other. I’m thankful for my family because they support me in everything I do (and they drive me everywhere too).”

“I want to thank my parents for driving me to all my games and giving me the support I need. My coach has helped me become a better defender, which I’m so thankful for,
and my teammates are always there to support me even when we’re not on the soccer field. I couldn’t have won State Cup without them because they’re just the best teammates ever!”

“My parents have helped me throughout this journey. They’ve been driving me to all my games since I was 4 years old and encouraged me to keep playing when I wanted to quit after my first game. Because of their constant support, I’m where I am today – State Cup champions!”

“I want to thank my teammates. When I see them practice and play, it makes me want to be better on the field. I want thank coach Artur for helping me be a better player and for putting me in the right position because it suits me well.”

“I’m thankful for my teammates, they motivate me during the game when I feel down, and my coach. Coach Artur has taught me to be a better player, encouraged me and taught me so many new things.”

“I want to thank my teammates first of all. When I feel like I want to give up and I see them pushing through, it makes me want to keep going to be a team with them. I also want to thank coach Artur because he kept leading me through and taught me everything I know today.”

“I want to thank my teammates for making me laugh all the time and being there. I also want to thank my parents for their constant support and feedback and coach Artur for working me to the top and always being there to help me reach my potential.”

“I want to thank coach Artur for pushing me through hard times and teaching me more than I already knew, and I want to thank my teammates for always encouraging me when I feel like I can’t do it. We push through as a team and keep going. I also want to thank my parents for always giving me feedback after games and practice.”