5 Ways to Stay Active as A Family

PLAYSOCCER Spring 2018 – Luisa Del Cid

A busy family means there is not always time for you or your kids to get in enough exercise. But making time to be active as a family is a great bonding experience while working up a sweat. By setting an example through exercising regularly, you are contributing to your kids’ chances of exercising as they grow older.

Whether you want to squeeze in 30 minutes a day or an hour, we came up with some fun ideas you and your family can  do together.

Afternoon stroll (or run)
Taking a walk or run as a family is a great way to spend time together and discuss everyone’s day. Try exploring new routes or even hitting up a nearby trail. Remember to take water with you.

Try something new
There are countless fitness classes for the whole family to do together. Don’t forget about dance classes or trying to recreate music videos to keep it new and interesting.

Make it a game
There are several games to play as a family that will get you all up and moving. Try a game of hide-and-seek or freeze tag. More physical games like these can be found through an internet search, so don’t limit yourself!

Make chores fun
Completing chores while being active as a family is a great way to get two things done at once. Do yard work, such as raking leaves or watering the garden. Better yet, have your kids build their own garden with flowers or vegetables. This is a great way to stimulate your children’s senses while teaching them responsibility. Put on some music while you work and show your kids how much fun doing chores can be.

Whether you learn a new sport as a family or dust off the old soccer cleats, playing sports together is a great way to bond. Teach your kids the importance of sportsmanship and that the goal is to have fun rather than to win. Ask your neighbors to join in and make it a friendly competition between families!

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