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We are so excited that you will be joining us on July 1st at our PLAYSOCCER® Atlanta event at The Home Depot Backyard at Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

To help prepare you before you head on down to The Backyard, we wanted to give you a few helpful tips, as well as provide you with some rules and guidelines from event host site.

As we all know, getting around Downtown Atlanta can be tough, especially on the weekend and a little more challenging with a holiday weekend thrown in the mix.

So, to help alleviate the stress of commuting, we recommend taking the MARTA, as it drops you right at the stadium. A short drive to the MARTA station is easier than trying to make it all the way Downtown.

If you’re going to take the MARTA, take the BLUE (Indian Creek) or Green (Edgewood/Candler Park) Lines to the Vine City Station or the GWCC/Philips Arena/CNN Center Station. Exit the train and head up the escalator to Mercedes-Benz Stadium. From there you’ll go over an access bridge and follow the signs to the screening area for the event.

If you drive, see if you can get a group together to carpool to make the drive fun and help alleviate cars on the road. If you do drive, please park in the Mercedes-Benz Lot (MB Lot) across the street from The Backyard and let them know you’re there for the PLAYSOCCER® Atlanta event.

Address for MB Lot:

90 Northside Dr NW
Atlanta, GA 30314

Once you park, you will also take the access bridge over to the screening area.

The screening process should only take a couple of minutes, but remember we have a big group attending the event, so try to get to the event at least 15-20 minutes ahead of your clinic start time.

  • Morning Session attendees, field activities will start at 10:30
  • Afternoon Session attendees, field activities will start at 12:30

If you are coming via one of the buses, you will be dropped off inside the venue and you will be instructed on where to go when come off the bus.

All registered players will check-in at the tent to receive a color wristband that corresponds to their age and the field they will play in. They will also receive a gift bag that includes the shirt they are to wear for the day, shin guards, water bottle and cooling towel, plus much more. Players will receive their tickets to redeem for lunch and ice cream at the conclusion of their clinic time.

Food trucks will be available for family members to purchase meals from 11:30am – 2:30pm. Only players receive a free meal at the event.

Families are allowed to bring backpacks and/or shoulder bags to the event, along with lawn chairs and blankets but there will be ample seating and tables around the venue for families to enjoy. No umbrellas, tents, coolers or glass containers are allowed in.

We will have a fun Activity Center with games, crafts, giveaways and prizes. This is for all family members to enjoy, so while the players play, we invite family members and community organization reps to join in the fun and learn more about our partners, win some fun prizes and get a temporary tattoo or make a craft.

We encourage all family members to have sunscreen on but we will have some on hand if needed for guests as well as first aid kits and onsite EMTs.

This will be a media event, so please note there will be photographers, videographers and possible news crews around the event shooting footage, if you or your child do not want to be featured, please let us know at check-in and we will note what field they are on to avoid taking any photos or video.

Ultimately, we want you to have a great day at the event with lasting memories and the start of falling in love with the beautiful game of soccer.

Below is a full list of guidelines and rules for the day, so we ask that you review before you head out.

See you on the field!

Please click below for important PLAYSOCCER® Atlanta information

  • Take the BLUE (Indian Creek) or Green (Edgewood/Candler Park) Lines to the Vine City Station or the GWCC/Philips Arena/CNN Center Station. Exit the train and head up the escalator to Mercedes-Benz Stadium.
  • Please proceed to Mercedes-Benz Lot for parking lot
  • Address for MB Lot:
    • 90 Northside Dr NW
      Atlanta, GA 30314
  • Upon arrival to the parking lot, you will proceed to the pedestrian bridge and will be screened before entering into the park
  • This is not a clear bag event
  • Anyone who is arriving via bus will arrive on the Northside Drive side of The Home Depot Backyard, unload from the bus, and walk down to registration at the end of West Lawn, by the brown wooden pavilions
  • Official HDBY address:
    • 1 Backyard Way
      Atlanta, GA, 30318

Please refer to the pedestrian route below, where registration is in relation to The Backyard, as well as the route for buses/vans.

  • Lawn chairs and blankets
  • Backpacks (not a clear bag event)

The Home Depot Backyard guidelines prohibit the following:

  • Drug and/or alcohol use. This includes intoxication or other signs of impairment related to drug or alcohol consumption.
  • Use of abusive, foul or disruptive language or obscene gestures.
  • Behavior that is unruly, disruptive, or illegal in nature.
  • Use of tobacco products of any form, including e-cigarettes.
  • Trespassing, soliciting, loitering, panhandling.
  • Rummaging in trash receptacles.
  • Standing on chairs or seat walls.
  • Glass containers and alcoholic beverages.
  • Pyrotechnics or any other item or action deemed dangerous, inappropriate, or unlawful.
  • Glitter and confetti of any kind.
  • Feeding any animals, including birds.
  • Obstructing park entrances.
  • Use of plastic tarps on the lawns.
  • Erecting tents or other enclosures.
  • Inserting flags, poles or stakes of any kind into the ground.
  • Use of large beach umbrellas.
  • Removal and/or repositioning of benches, planters, furniture, and other on-site features. The Home Depot Backyard personnel shall handle any movement of on-site equipment for event or operational purposes.
  • Defying directions from park staff.
  • Unauthorized solicitation or commercial promotion (including political activity) within The Home Depot Backyard. Disregard of this policy may result in confiscation of promotional materials, citation, ejection or arrest.
  • Large boiling pots
  • Alcohol of any kind is not permitted in The Home Depot Backyard.
  • Pets are not allowed unless certified and leashed service animal.
  • Pet owners must pick up and dispose of pet waste in proper containers
  • Guests may bring hand-held still-photo or video cameras into The Home Depot Backyard.
  • Food Trucks will be onsite for attendees – players eat for free, families can purchase items from the trucks once open.
  • Outside food and non-alcoholic beverages may be brought into the park at your leisure on non-event days.
  • Glass containers are not permitted for safety purposes.
  • Lost persons should be escorted to the nearest park staff member or security officer immediately.
  • Guests looking to claim or report lost items or persons should do so by speaking with a guest services/security representative.
  • Found items should be taken to the nearest staff member on-site.
  • Lost & Found
    • 470-341-5673 (Event Day)
    • 470-341-5678 (Non-Event Day)
  • Restrooms are located in The Home Depot Backyard along the South side of the park, closest to The Home Depot Pavilion.
  • There are (4) stalls per gender.
  • Restrooms are ADA accessible and equipped with a baby-changing table.
  • Smoking is prohibited in all areas of The Home Depot Backyard (this includes all smoking tobacco, e-cigarettes and vaporizers).
  • The safety of all visitors in The Home Depot Backyard is of primary concern. Any unsafe condition or activity should be reported immediately to park staff or on-site security.
  • Hazardous work areas are defined as any area on the premises where maintenance or event-related equipment is being handled, services areas, park operations building, etc. Please note posted signage restricting access, as security will be strictly enforced.
  • For events, the locations(s) of first aid stations and AED’s will vary – please check with a guest service/security representative should you need assistance on-site.
  • The Mercedes-Benz Stadium security office is open 24 hours for the facility perimeter, parking areas, exterior grounds, interior public areas and people movement within these areas and for emergency response.
  • In the event of any crime, medical or other emergency condition, please dial 911.
  • In the event of an emergency, (e.g. fire, bomb threat, criminal activity, severe weather), security will notify park staff immediately.
  • Any conduct detrimental to the safe and proper operation of an event, abusive language, threats, assault, vandalism and all other inappropriate actions will result in immediate removal from the premises or arrest and prosecution as appropriate.
  • Access to areas of The Home Depot backyard identified as restricted area by signage, video or audio message, barriers and fences, or by the presence of security personnel shall be denied to unauthorized guests.
Unauthorized persons entering these areas shall be warned and asked to leave the area. Failure to comply shall subject the person to ejection and possible arrest.
  • In an effort to support Mercedes-Benz Stadium in achieving zero waste, please place all plastic and aluminum bottles and cans in the recycling containers throughout The Home Depot Backyard.
  • Your help in keeping our greenspace clean for all to enjoy is greatly appreciated. All waste should be placed in either trash receptacles or recycle bins. Rummaging in trash receptacles is prohibited.

PLAYSOCCER – Atlanta – Guidelines & Rules