Spring Season Preparation, UKIS Style

Spring season is here and pre-season training for our coaches from UK International Soccer is well underway.

The majority of UKIS coaches are working on their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program with the University of South Wales where their course includes a UEFA coaching certification and practical coaching placement in the USA. The degree focuses on working with children, youth coaching, soccer development, social inclusion, sports management, and leadership.

The training continues with all coaches becoming certified in AYSO-specific content, such as Safe Haven, Playground, Schoolyard, 6U, 8U, 10U, etc., as they prepare for the many AYSO Player Development Programs that will kick-off nationwide this spring.

Volunteer shortage? Many Regions now contract with UKIS to work in their community to supplement volunteer efforts by helping administer and run the season. This administrative support is very much aligned with the coaches’ degree programs and provides a welcome respite for local volunteers.

If your Region is interested in utilizing one of these progressive coaches to develop or establish a spring program for your Region, please contact andyprice@ayso.org.

We look forward to seeing the coaches soon and wish them safe travels.