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Regions provide your local community soccer programs, making them one of the most important parts of AYSO. Your local Region is where children, parents, and volunteers come together to enjoy the beautiful game!

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Thank you for your interest in the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO), the oldest non-profit youth soccer program in the country.  For more than 50 years, AYSO has strived to ensure all kids have the opportunity to play the beautiful game of soccer. With more than 50,000 teams and over 400,000 players nationwide, AYSO has programs in 800 communities, which come in all shapes and sizes. At an attractive national per-player cost, you have access to our insurance, easy-to-use financial systems, online registration portals, tremendous volunteer training, and a vast array of systems and services to support kids playing soccer and families having fun.

AYSO’s eight million alumni include World Cup winners, Olympians, professionals as well as doctors, lawyers and community leaders. Great soccer starts here and we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to play.

We invite you to join us in providing a world-class soccer program that will enrich children’s lives in your community for generations to come!

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Fees & Benefits

The low national player fee is used to support local AYSO programs in a variety of ways.

  • Coach training, clinics, educational materials
  • Referee training, clinics, educational materials
  • Administrative training, seminars, workshops, operational manuals
  • Instruction and management
  • Blue Sombrero online registration
  • Registration kits (forms, posters, brochures)
  • Tournaments and cultural exchange
  • Special Programs
  • Growth and new Region support
  • National Accounting Program/tax services
  • Member services
  • Legal services
  • Soccer Accident Insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Crime insurance
  • PLAYSOCCER Magazine
  • AYSO Insider – bi-monthly management e-newsletter
  • 90 Second Soccer Parent – bi-monthly e-newsletter
  • Hey Coach – bi-monthly coach e-newsletter
  • Whistle Stop – bi-monthly referee e-newsletter
  • and
  • Volunteer support network
  • National Board of Directors
  • National Annual General Meeting (business)
  • Section Conferences/AYSO Road Shows (training)
  • Volunteer recognition programs
  • Administration
  • Building/facilities/equipment
  • Finance/government reporting
  • Legal expenses
  • Marketing/Communications/Production
  • Customer service

We depend on our volunteers and appreciate any time that you can donate.