Host a Tournament

Tournaments can either be a play-off system, for fun, like a Soccerfest, or for competition. But mostly, tournaments are intended as a way to allow kids an additional opportunity to play soccer!

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What is a tournament?

A tournament is any organized special event that brings together teams of soccer players for the purpose of competing in soccer games; whether for sportsmanship, or a championship or other competitive recognition, with or without awards, it is an opportunity to create an environment that is good for the players and for the game.

Why host a tournament?

Holding a tournament can and should be beneficial to the AYSO group hosting it. There are a variety of reasons to host one: Innumerable hours of hard work and preparation by a staff of dedicated volunteers are necessary to have a successful tournament experience.

How do I get involved?

Hosting an AYSO tournament can be an excellent fundraiser for your Region, a great off-season activity for kids, and an excellent opportunity to help enrich your community.

Contact your Regional Commissioner to become an AYSO volunteer today!

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We depend on our volunteers and appreciate any time that you can donate.