AYSO United Directors of Coaching Expand their roles with ID64 Program

TORRANCE, Calif. – October 10, 2019 – AYSO United is delighted to announce that AYSO United Directors of Coaching, Jessica Cheeseman and Firmiano Riberio have assumed additional roles within the organization.

In addition to their roles as Southern California Directors of Coaching, Jessica Cheeseman and Firmiano Riberio will oversee the Girls Division and Boys Divisions respectively within the Identification 64 (ID64) program.

“I am thrilled to evolve my role within AYSO and the AYSO United program, we have a tremendous youth program and are committed to doing things the right way. These past two years I have been able to work with many coaches and teams, understanding the process of identifying AYSO’s top talent. I am excited to work with all the DOCs nationwide as well as our national technical team in building our ID64 Program,” said Jessica Cheeseman.

Both ID64 Directors will work alongside the AYSO United National Director and National Technical Director in implementing AYSO’s ID64 Program, in which players will be identified nationally to partake in a national training camp held in Southern California.

“This is a program I am excited to be part of, this role will compliment my Director of Coaching role, allowing me work alongside some of AYSO United’s top coaches and players completing the AYSO Player pathway,” said Firmiano Riberio.


ID64 Program

The Identification 64 Program (ID64) pays homage to the year the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) was founded and builds upon the principles of placing players on the highest-level teams possible. The ID64 Program is designed to identify AYSO United’s top-level players with the objective of exposing them to elite training and an advanced player-centered environment.

For more information on the program, please visit: http://www.aysounited.org/id64/

About American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO)

Established in 1964, AYSO is a national nonprofit organization that develops and delivers quality youth soccer programs, which promote a fun, family environment based on AYSO’s Six Philosophies: Everyone Plays®, Balanced Teams, Open Registration, Positive Coaching, Good Sportsmanship, and Player Development. Today, AYSO has 1.6 million players, parents, siblings and volunteers. For more information, visit www.AYSO.org.

About AYSO United

AYSO United is AYSO’s official club program, where players are selected through a tryout. Once selected, players are guaranteed 50 percent of playing time. Players will also enjoy a more advanced play, participate in intense competition and receive cutting-edge training while still enjoying the benefits of AYSO and its Six Philosophies. AYSO United models its program under U.S. Soccer’s Zone 1 initiatives that falls directly under our “Development over Winning” approach. For more information, visit http://aysounited.org/.




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